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Currently, the team list has been clearly announced and by appearing in Bảng E VCK Euro 2024, Belgium has the opportunity to become the top team in the group. Let’s join Jun88 in quickly evaluating the teams in Group E and see which are the most notable matches.

List of 4 teams in Group E

Bảng E VCK Euro 2024

According to the latest announcement, Bảng E VCK Euro 2024 will include 4 teams: Ukraine, Slovakia, Belgium and Romania. This year, Group E is not a group of death and in particular, the strength of the four teams is quite different. Among the four participating teams, Belgium is considered the strongest team, and almost 100% will have a chance to continue to the next round.

Evaluate the tournament situation

Facing three completely inferior opponents, Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia, the Belgian team has only one goal: to finish first in Group E. As the information Jun88 shared above, among the 4 teams ranked in Group E, it is clear that Belgium is the team with many advantages. 

Being the strongest team in the group helps coach Domenico Tedesco and his team breathe easy and be ready to celebrate an early victory. Belgium’s opponents are not scary names because only Ukraine is receiving more attention, while Romania and Slovakia are actually considered as the road team.

Opportunity for Belgium team

Jun88 experts say that Belgium will definitely get a ticket to round 2 and will definitely have a chance to be among the top teams with the best results. But to ensure that the next round will meet a weak opponent, Belgium also needs to play hard to clearly show its strength.

Currently, Belgium’s squad is extremely impressive with many bright stars. Among them, Romelu Lukaku scored countless goals right from the group stage. In addition to this young striker, Domenico Tedesco also has many famous names in the squad, including: Kevin De Bruyne, Thomas Meunier, Youri Tielemans, Leandro Trossard, Jeremy Doku, Lois Openda, Amadou Onana. Obviously, the Belgian coach has many choices when he has such a talented group of young players.

However, the only difficulty that Domenico Tedesco encountered was the absence of number 1 goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois because he had to treat a serious injury and had not played for a long time. But fortunately, Matz Sels is also a good goalkeeper and he will likely have the opportunity to stand in goal continuously.

Ukraine – the mysterious factor for Euro 2024


In Group E this year, besides Belgium, Ukraine is also considered to have the second highest chance of entering the next round. Although it does not have many achievements in history, this year this army has received a lot of attention.

Previously, coach Serhiy Rebrov and his team showed surprising strength when coming back from behind in the play-off round. Accordingly, the whole team won against teams such as Iceland, Bosnia & Herzegovina and continued to appear in the Euro finals for the fourth time. This is indeed a very surprising thing, so Ukraine is considered a mysterious factor that is difficult to evaluate.

Ukraine’s squad list includes strikers who play quite well. Currently, the players are confident and working hard to have a chance to advance to the next round. Among his choices, coach Serhiy Rebrov can consider names like Vitaliy Mykolenko, Andriy Lunin, Anatoliy Trubin, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Mykhailo Mudryk, Artem Dovbyk, Roman Yaremchuk,…

These players have the opportunity to compete internationally so they are not afraid of pressure and can completely create impressive breakthroughs, similar to the previous play-off round. Therefore, this is also an opponent that Belgium cannot ignore.

Slovakia with a cautious playing style

Being in a group with stronger opponents, Slovakia will have to prepare extremely carefully. With cautious play, Jun88 believes that this team has the opportunity to convincingly minimize the chance of being behind. In the past, Slovakia also participated in the Euro many times and the team’s best achievement was participating in the round of 16.

In Slovakia’s squad there are also some famous football stars playing at PSG, Napoli or Newcastle, such as Milan Skriniar, Stanislav Lobotka, and Martin Dubravka. Although they don’t have too many good strikers, Slovakia has a very record playing style, which gives them more opportunities to succeed.

Romania – surprisingly returned to the Euro


This return of Romania is considered extremely surprising because before that they were continuously defeated right from the group stage. This year, Romania will certainly try hard to assert itself. However, despite the comeback, the team is still considered weaker than the other 3 members in Group E. 

Not being eliminated is definitely the highest goal the team has set in this competition. Goalkeeper Horatiu Moldovan is still playing quite stably and many fans are looking forward to his better performance in the upcoming fierce matches.

In Bảng E VCK Euro 2024, the two most impressive matches that Jun88 experts evaluate are Belgium vs Ukraine and Belgium vs Romania. In the near future, the teams will compete according to the previously announced schedule. Please go betting and enjoy these exciting matches.

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