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New88 lottery is a space for you to try your luck with the numbers. Visit the New88 website today to participate in a series of great lottery games. This article will give good game bettors suggestions and lottery betting tips for you to apply immediately!

Reasons why New88 lottery is hot 

New88 lottery

Why is New88 lottery so hot is a question that you should definitely know the answer to. That way, when you come here to bet on the lottery online, you can rest assured that you will stick with the house for a long time. 

Currently, there are many game portals on the market, but finding a reputable one is not easy. Luckily for those players who have entered this house because here you will be able to play games comfortably, safely and especially the game portal is completely transparent. 

Not only that, this website is also a reputable bookmaker with a PAGCOR certificate and has been in operation for nearly 2 decades. With big partners, this house will bring you many hot games, many attractive games to participate in.

Another point that is also very popular at this betting website is the high payout rate for players. All of you who participate in lottery betting will experience receiving huge bonuses from New88. With winning odds from 1:70 to 1:99, you can immediately imagine the huge amount of money for those who predict correctly. Try your luck to change your life and improve your quality of life!

Besides providing attractive domestic and foreign lotteries, this website also has a good lottery section for you to read every day. Here there are articles sharing prediction tips for each game that players can view and apply.

Betting results on New88 are continuously updated and there are games where you receive results immediately after a few minutes. Result information is updated quickly and accurately, so players can look it up easily and know their exact prize money.

Some very good lottery games for bettors to experience on New88 bookmaker

If you are a big fan of lottery games, you must have tried betting many times and participated in many games on this website. However, for new players, many lottery games are still quite new, so we hope that after reading the lines below, you will have basic information about the games available at New88 to participate. 



Keno – a popular betting genre today – is available on New88. The Keno game allows participants to choose numbers within the limit of 1 to 80. This is a modern lottery game and has many attractive prize levels. You can choose to bet on Big or Small, choose Even/Odd if participating in this game. 

Lottery for 3 regions

According to the name of the game, 3-region lottery will allow players to bet on lotteries for different regions. Each region has many situations, so you can freely bet throughout the week. The lottery drawing schedule for each region is a fixed schedule and players can check the results quickly on the house. Normally, the result announcement time will be from 4:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., please pay attention to look up information quickly. 

With the 3-region lottery of the North, Central and South, members on New88 can choose to bet multiple numbers, bet on single numbers, double numbers, play 3-card lottery, play 2-way/3-way lottery,… or participate in lottery betting. headings, headings,…

Super speed lottery

Super-speed lottery games refer to lottery games that have a short duration of only about 1 second, 5 seconds or 1 minute, 5 minutes. The maximum time for these lottery games is only 5 minutes, so even if you are a busy person, you can still take advantage of it to play a few games online. 

If you bet on super-fast lottery, you will know the results quickly. Therefore, if you need to relieve stress immediately, you can consider playing New88 lottery today. Similar to the 3-region lottery game, with this type of game, you will also have bets such as multiple bets, head/tail bets, 3-card lottery bets or cross lotteries,…

Mega 6/45

Mega 6/45

This game is released by Vietlott and is a game with extremely high payouts. If you like to bet and receive high rewards, you can play Mega 6/45. When participating, players will choose 6 pairs of numbers within the limit of 1 to 45 to predict, and if the prediction is correct, the player will be paid a huge reward, possibly up to billions of dong.

* Besides the above games, at New88 there are still attractive games such as Power 6/55, PK10 racing and many foreign lotteries, please come and enjoy. 

Tips for predicting lottery betting for players

If you intend to play the lottery long term, learn a few good tips right away:

  • Don’t bet too much at once
  • It is necessary to divide the betting capital for limited use whether winning or losing
  • Always apply many prediction strategies from experts: double bets, flat bets,…
  • Believe in your luck and be confident when betting
  • Understand the betting types and basic rules of each game

Hope you can enjoy the Xổ số New88 happily at this attractive online betting website. Register today, experience great games with New88!

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