What is Corner Kick Sports? The Most Accurate Soccer Sports Tips

Corner kick bet is known to be a popular type of bet used by players to evaluate and bet on soccer matches. Because corner kicks are opportunities where teams have a great chance of scoring. In this article, Hi88 will help you learn about this popular bet.

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First, we need to clearly understand the concept of kèo phạt góc – What is that? Simply, this is a type of bet in football where players bet on the corner kick score of two teams in a match. Players can bet on the total number of corners for both teams or the corner score of a specific team.

Normally, the winning rate in corner kicks is often higher than other soccer bets today. The reason is due to unpredictability and there are matches where there are no corner kicks at all. This creates suspense, excitement and makes the payout very high.

Types of corner kick bets appear commonly

In football, Sports on corner kicks There are many different genres and forms of play. Players can easily choose the appropriate type to participate in online soccer Sports.

1×2 bet on corner kicks

The 1×2 corner kick type has an extremely simple way to play, similar to the European handicap in online soccer Sports. Participating in this bet, players will have 3 options: Win, Draw or Lose. The odds for each selection will be given by the house and have certain differences.

Even and odd corner kicks

Next, we will learn about odd-even odds, a type of corner bet with a very simple way to play. When participating in corner kick Sports, players only need to predict whether the number of corner kicks in the match will be even or odd and place a bet. If the entire match has 10 corners and the player bets on even, they win; On the contrary, if they bet on odd, they will lose.

Over/under corner odds for the entire match

Similar to over/under bets in football, corner kick over/under bets allow players to choose over or under, based on the odds the house offers for each match. The under bet predicts that the number of corners will be less than the house’s odds, while the over bet predicts that the total number of corners will be more. Players can also bet on the 1st or 2nd half, although this type of bet is less common.

Popular type of over/under corner bet

The bet has no corners

In addition to the mentioned odds, to attract players, the bookmaker also provides odds for situations where there are no corner kicks in the match. This type of bet is quite special and has high odds. However, you need to pay attention and consider carefully, in a match without any corner kicks is very rare..

How to predict corner kicks brings high efficiency in the match

To be able to predict corner kicks most accurately, players need to clearly understand the important factors in calculating odds. Here are some ways to effectively bet on corners.

Look at the team’s kicking style

Teams that regularly use corner kicking tactics are likely to receive more corner kicks. In a match, if there is a corner kick from the 6th minute, the number of corners is likely to increase significantly in the following minutes. 

Analyze data related to previous matches

Carefully studying data from previous matches will help players better understand how the two teams play, thereby making accurate predictions about the corner score of each team in the upcoming match. .

Consider the total corner kick bet

First of all, let’s look at the number of corners earned in the last matches of both teams. This gives you an overview of each team’s ability to create corners in the upcoming match. Consider factors such as the tactics and formations of both teams, especially the positions of attacking players and wings. 

How to consider the total corner kick odds

By carefully analyzing this information, you can make a more accurate prediction about the total number of corners in the match and then place your bets meticulously. This helps you optimize your chances of winning and achieve the best results when participating in these corner kick bet at the bookmaker Hi88

Note for bettors when Sports on corner kicks

Besides calculating and scanning corner kick bet, players need to note a few things when participating in this bet to ensure safety and effectiveness

  • You should choose to bet on the corner kick score of both teams. This will help players be more likely to guess correctly and more easily control the bet.
  • Check out match information, lineups, related news and statistics from reputable Sports sites to get the most detailed and up-to-date information.
  • You should set limits and never exceed a predetermined amount to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.


The article above is the latest information about corner kick bet For those who love football Sports. Come to Hi88 today to experience the top performances of superstars and bet on your team.

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