Top features to look for in a ULIP plan

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is an investment instrument that combines the advantages of life insurance with investing. This adaptable financial tool enables you to protect your family’s future while simultaneously increasing your wealth by investing in market-linked assets such as equities and bonds. With the ability to select where your money is invested, ULIPs offer the possibility to receive market-linked returns, making them an appealing alternative for those seeking to maximize their financial success.

Why should you consider buying a ULIP plan?

Investing in a ULIP plan might be a good move because of the possibility of better profits and the added benefit of life insurance. The unique structure of ULIPs allows you to tailor your investment to your risk tolerance and financial objectives. Furthermore, the tax benefits under Section 80C and the tax-free maturity earnings under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act make ULIPs a tax-efficient investment option.

Top features to look for in a ULIP plan

Flexibility in fund allocation

The ULIPs also offer an option to shift from one fund to another depending on the risk-taking ability and the market situation like equity, debt, or balanced funds. This means that if the market is bullish, one may consider investing more in equity funds while if the market is bearish, one may consider investing in debt funds.

Range of fund options

The flexibility offered by ULIPs in the form of various funds means that one can invest across different categories of funds. Equity funds are for higher growth, debt funds are for stability and income and hybrid funds are between the two. This diversification is advantageous in that it minimises risks and maximises returns.


Choose ULIPs that spell out all costs, including the premium allocation charges, the administration charges, the fund management fees, and the mortality charges. Clear information makes it possible to know the effects on the investment and adjustment of charges that may otherwise reduce the returns.

Partial withdrawal facility

Most ULIPs allow you to make partial withdrawals of the fund value once it has been locked in for a specific period, which is generally five years. This can be especially helpful in situations where an individual requires immediate funds and does not wish to sell other securities. 

Top-up premium option

This feature helps you to pay an extra amount apart from your normal premium payments during the term of the policy. This comes in handy when you have extra money, and you want to increase the proportion of investment on your ULIP to improve the overall yield.

Lock-in period

ULIPs have a lock-in period of five years which helps in developing a long-term investment discipline. But there could be some plans that have shorter lock-in periods that mean you can get your money early if necessary.

Loyalty additions

These are additional amounts given to the fund value for remaining invested in the plan for a longer time. Loyalty additions are incentives for long-term investment, and they help to increase the maturity benefit.

Return of mortality charges (ROMC)

Some ULIPs also allow you to get back the mortality charges (the cost of the insurance cover) when the policy matures. This can significantly improve the return on investment especially if the mortality charges over the years have been high. 

Premium redirection facility

This feature enables you to transfer your future premiums to other funds within the plan. If your financial needs or the level of your tolerance to risk shifts, you can always change the distribution of your premiums accordingly. 

Life cover

The life cover in a ULIP means that your family is financially taken care of in your absence. Thus, it is necessary to guarantee that the cover is sufficient to provide for the needs and responsibilities of the family.

Rider options

Riders are extra options that may be added to your ULIP to enhance the policy’s protection, such as accidental death, disability, and critical illness, among others. These riders offer more extensive protection and may be a source of consolation during life’s uncertainties. 

Fund performance

The record of the funds under a ULIP indicates how the funds have been managed and how they have fared in various market situations. This can help you identify the right funds within the ULIP.

Management charges

Lower fund management charges mean that a greater proportion of your premium goes into investment rather than on the administration of the funds. Lower charges are better for net returns in the long run. 

Switching options

Some ULIPs allow free fund switches within a policy year with no charges, thus enabling you to change your portfolio when market conditions change.

Tax benefits

Investments in ULIPs qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, and the policy benefits are tax-free under Section 10(10D) with certain conditions.

ULIP calculator

ULIP calculator allows you to evaluate the possible returns on your ULIP investments depending on many factors such as premium amount, policy duration, and estimated return rate. This tool helps you plan and optimise your investment.

PPF interest rate calculator

Though not directly connected to ULIPs, understanding how alternative investment choices, such as the Public Provident Fund (PPF), operate can aid in the development of a diverse investment portfolio. A PPF interest rate calculator can help you estimate the returns on your PPF investments.

Settlement options

Some ULIP plans have flexible settlement choices at maturity, allowing you to collect the fund value in one lump amount or in structured increments over time. This is very beneficial for managing retirement income. 

Market linked growth

As ULIPs are market-linked, they have the potential to provide better returns than typical insurance policies. The rewards are reliant on market success, allowing you to profit from economic growth.

Transparency in reporting

Regular updates and thorough reports on fund performance and policy information allow you to monitor your investment progress and make more informed decisions. This openness guarantees you always have control over your assets.

Why add ULIPs to your investment portfolio?

In addition to direct equities and debt investments, including a ULIP plan in your portfolio can give balanced exposure to the financial markets while also providing life insurance coverage. The ability to pick and switch between several investment funds enables you to efficiently control risks while aiming for greater returns. With tax breaks, the possibility for high returns, and the protection of insurance coverage, ULIPs may be a key component of a diversified investment plan, assuring both financial stability and wealth generation.

ULIPs are more than simply an insurance product; they are a full investment solution that responds to your changing financial demands, making them an essential alternative in your investment portfolio.

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