How do You Set Form Fields to Blank with an Invisible Character Generator?

We often consider a few things useless because we are unaware of their applications. According to many people, invisible characters also fall into this blank category. However, it is not true! Invisible characters may have various applications in our everyday lives. Most people are unaware of their applications. Those who find invisible characters useless should know their applications.

You can send empty messages, which are often not allowed through SMS services and most messenger applications, using these characters because they come with distinct Unicode values, unlike the spacebar. These characters are also suitable for the aesthetics and formatting of infographics and documents. They are also usable for customizing gaming and social media profiles.

However, many people don’t know about the use of invisible characters to set fields of online forms blank. They don’t know the easier method to generate these invisible characters. This article discusses the role of an invisible character generator in setting form fields blank. If you are interested in learning more, then reading this article will greatly help you. Further details are given below.

What are Invisible Characters?

An invisible character or hidden text is used to represent blank space on Word editors or any other place without using the space key. Such text doesn’t appear on the screen, but the system recognizes such invisible letters as legit characters. The reason behind the acceptance of an invisible character as fontspace is because such letters hold a significant Unicode value. While the Unicode system allows users to generate invisible text, it is difficult for an average Joe to recall these values. Hence, a better way to generate an invisible character for any purpose is generating it using an online tool. 

Why Do You Need Invisible Characters for Blank Form Fields?

Some people may think that setting the form fields blank is pretty easy, and they can do it by using an ordinary space bar on the keyboard. However, it is worth mentioning that the ordinary space is unacceptable as a legit character when you have to set fields to blank on an online form. The online form requires you to add a legit character to the field. If you don’t want to add any visible letter to the field, then you must add an invisible character. Doing so will help you show the form field blank, but the system won’t consider it blank because of the distinct Unicode values held by invisible characters. 

How Does Invisible Character Generator Generate Hidden Text?

As mentioned earlier, generating an invisible character manually could be tricky for an average Joe. Hence, the best way to create and use hidden text is by taking the help of an online invisible character generator. This tool makes the process simple. You only need to generate an invisible character using the online tool. After generating such a character, you can easily copy it from the tool. An online tool lets you copy the hidden text in multiple ways. 

It also allows you to test the visibility of text after generating it by offering an empty text field. If nothing appears in the text field even after pasting the selected content, then it means you have copied an invisible character. You can now use copied hidden text to set the form fields blank. Now that you have understood how simple the process of generating an invisible character using an online tool and setting the fields of a form blank, you may wonder where you can find such a tool. 

While many online platforms offer such tools, the best tool, in our opinion, is available on Multiple reasons make this tool stand out from the crowd. We will discuss a few of them here to help you understand why we consider it the best tool for generating invisible text. Read on to learn more.

Friendly Interface

The best thing about this tool is its friendly interface. Any online tool or app, regardless of its purpose, should be capable of offering optimum user experience (UX). A simple and easily understandable interface helps a tool or app ensure optimum UX. The interface of this tool is easily understandable, which makes it easier for an average Joe to use it and generate invisible text.

No Unnecessary Requirements

This tool has been designed and developed to ensure the easier generation of hidden text. This tool makes this process totally hassle-free for users. They don’t need to install it on their devices. This tool doesn’t require users to register themselves or log in first to use it. The best part is this tool doesn’t charge a single dime for users. Hence, the process of using this tool is totally hassle-free. 

Convenient Hidden Text Creation

Another great thing about this tool is the convenience it offers while generating invisible characters. Users can easily create hidden text by using this tool and test the output in the given field. Moreover, the tool also offers a convenient copy-paste mechanism to make the process easier for users. 

In the End

Invisible characters are usable in various places. One of the most significant uses of such characters is setting the form fields to blank. However, most people are unaware of this application of invisible characters. We have discussed everything about this application and the role of an online invisible character generator in this process. Hopefully, you will find plenty of valuable information after reading this article!

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