OKVIP Charity – Join Hands To Spread Love To The Community

The 2024 OKVIP charity event is an extremely meaningful program, with the desire to help people in difficult circumstances in society. There have been many cases of receiving support from this alliance, giving them the opportunity to overcome difficulties. Let’s learn about this brilliant and meaningful journey!

Learn about the spread love project from OKVIP

Since launching in the online entertainment market in Vietnam, OKVIP has affirmed its brand through product quality and meaningful charity projects. This year, OKVIP continues this meaningful journey.

Each year, OKVIP spends 10% of revenue to organize community support events. The staff will participate and hand-deliver gifts to the people, creating beautiful memories and contributing to the development of society.

Origin of OKVIP charity fund

OKVIP Group’s charity fund is an important part of the group’s sustainable business strategy. We believe that long-term development is not only based on making profits, but also positively contributing to the community and society. 

Therefore, the group’s board of directors has committed to devoting at least 10% of annual revenue to charitable activities, regardless of whether the business is profitable or unprofitable. This is the group’s firm commitment to accompanying social and charity activities.

OKVIP’s charity fund is managed by an independent executive board, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the use of funds. This Executive Board has the following duties:

  • Selecting Objects and Projects: The Executive Board will select objects, projects and charitable activities that are consistent with the group’s vision and mission.
  • Transparency of Income and Expenditure: All income and expenditure of the charity fund are transparent and public. This ensures that funds are used for the right purpose and with the highest efficiency.
  • Efficiency Evaluation: The Executive Board also evaluates the effectiveness of charitable activities to ensure that all contributions bring practical value to the community.

Maintaining and developing a charity fund not only helps OKVIP Group demonstrate its social responsibility but also helps build trust and reputation with customers and the community. These volunteer activities contribute to improving the quality of life of many people, especially the disadvantaged in society.

OKVIP charity activities are being developed

Over the years, OKVIP has implemented many projects to support difficult cases. Below are some outstanding activities:

OKVIP charity activities are being developed

Giving gifts to victims of Hanoi mini apartment fire event

A meaningful charity program was organized for victims of a terrible fire in Hanoi in September. OKVIP spent more than 100 million VND to support survivors, helping them overcome their pain and move forward. future. At the same time, OKVIP leaders and staff came to commemorate the victims and ask about their relatives.

Support for suburban students

In 2024, OKVIP organized projects to support poor students in Da Nang, Nghe An and Binh Phuoc. The program is highly appreciated by the community and government agencies. OKVIP donates books, transportation, finances, clothes and scholarships to students. The unit also supports upgrading learning equipment, bringing joy and the best learning opportunities to children.

Event to honor elders on national day

On the occasion of National Day, the OKVIP charity group met with revolutionary veterans in Thanh Tung, Hai Duong province. OKVIP representatives visited and shared with the heroes, and also brought health-supporting gifts such as ginseng and bird’s nest to encourage morale.

Meal 0 VND

OKVIP has cooperated with the group “Porridge Spread Love” to organize a 0 VND meal at Hanoi Hematology – Blood Transfusion Hospital. More than 600 nutritious meals were given to family members and patients, hoping to help them have more spirit to overcome their illness.

Objectives of OKVIP charity trips

OKVIP always wants to support and help difficult lives, bringing trust and motivation to live. At the same time, OKVIP also wants to raise the sense of responsibility of the community, especially young people, towards society, thereby expanding and spreading the project to reach more disadvantaged people.

Objectives of OKVIP charity trips

Difficulties in OKVIP charity work

Despite its best efforts, OKVIP still encounters some difficulties in the charity process. As a foreign unit operating in the online entertainment industry, OKVIP has difficulty connecting with other organizations, limiting the scope of support. In addition, finding and proposing suitable projects also faces many challenges due to many difficult circumstances in remote areas that are little known.


Above is information about từ thiện OKVIP, a meaningful and humane program. In the coming years, OKVIP will definitely continue these charity events to help more people. Hopefully the above information will help you have a more objective view of OKVIP and this alliance’s contributions to the community.

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