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For most Indonesians today, slot games have become an integral part of their entertainment. In 2024, the popularity of slot games in Indonesia will skyrocket. However, it is important to remember that this slot game has experienced various evolutions since its inception. In the past, slot games were played via traditional machines. However, over time, this game transformed into the online version that we know today as online slots. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the extraordinary development of this slot game. By understanding its history, you will better appreciate the magic behind its undeniable popularity today.

History of Slot Machines & Slot Games

The slot machine was first created in 1895 by an American mechanic named Charles Fey. This machine became an early milestone in the world of gambling. Charles Fey created the first slot machine that had three iron reels, decorated with various images and symbols of domino cards which were very popular at that time. Some of the symbols available are hearts, diamonds, and spades.

Sometime later, an individual named Charles Fey discovered a new feature that changed the world of slot games. He reduced the number of reels from 5 to three revolving slots and created the first slot machine which he named “Liberty Bell.” This was the beginning of the era of modern slot machines which continues to develop to this day. The Liberty Bell became an icon in gambling history and was the basis for many of the slot machines we enjoy slot gacor hari ini.

Until 1970, slot games had become a favorite among the public and achieved worldwide popularity. This prompted many casinos in various regions to mass-produce slot machines.

However, a few years later, the development of Internet technology changed everything.  Slot sites can be played online, and this is a new milestone in the history of gambling. Many players are switching to online slot games because they are considered more flexible and easier to play, without the need to come directly to a physical casino. This is the reason why online slot games are increasingly popular in this digital era.

The Origin of Online Slot Games

Starting from the Origin of Poker Machines

 The story of the beginning of the slot machine begins with the birth of the poker machine in 1887. The creation of the poker machine did not happen suddenly but went through various stages of development. Initially, a company called Sittman& Pitt in New York, United States, succeeded in creating a poker machine consisting of 5 reels and placed in various entertainment venues and casinos.

 In the game, players who win the poker game on the machine will be given prizes, including free cigarettes and drinks. Their poker machine is also capable of making automatic payments to winners. This innovation prompted a mechanic to think about how to improve slot machines.

The Birth of the Fruit Slot Machine From Herbert Mills

 After Charles Fey created the first slot machine, unfortunately, he did not patent his invention. As a result, many companies started competing to develop their own slot machines, and this made slot games increasingly popular among the public.

 In 1907, an individual named Herbert introduced an interesting innovation to the world of slot games. He introduced slot games with a different appearance, replacing card symbols with fruit symbols such as oranges, apples, and various other types of fruit. This was the beginning of the trend of slot games with fruit symbols which became iconic in the history of slot machines.

Final words

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